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Are mothers silly?

No they are not even they are most beautifull gift of god to the humans and they know more then anyone in the world what exactly is good for their children so they are only ge (MORE)

What silly band do you have?

i only have about 200 silly bandz but i plan to get about 100 more this weekend :) i have like 1 and its a truck and i found it on the road at 9 flags! I have around 100, (MORE)

What are adjectives for silly?

The word silly is an adjective, or colloquially a noun for someonesilly. The related noun form is silliness.
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What is the superlative for silly?

If becoming just a bit more silly, "sillier"; if by far the mostsilly, "silliest". Sillier would be comparing two objects, silliest, multiple things.