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What is the meaning of silly?

  Silly means foolish, showing a lack of good sense and wisdom.   It could also mean half-conscious, as in the bump to his head knocked him silly.   It's a fielding (MORE)
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When was silly putty made?

  Silly Putty was made by James Wright in 1943 when he accidentally dropped boric acid and silicone oil together. This was during World War II, scientists were looking for (MORE)
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How do you get silly putty out of hair?

Answers:   * with nail varnish remover  * We used rubbing alcohol to get it out of our daughter's hair (and clothes)  * We used no rinse hand sanitizer and a comb with (MORE)
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What is the rarest silly band ever?

It depends what state you're in (maybe country!) All states have different rare silly bands. Like in Virginia, it would probably be the phoenix. I, personally have one and it (MORE)
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What is a 'silly woman'?

    Silly Women     This term has some religious meaning.     "For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden wi (MORE)
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Anyone know the rules to the game silly rummy the rules start 2 sets of 3 then 2 runs of three then 1 set of three and 1 run of three etc. Also how many cards do you get?

This is also known as contract rummy or progressive rummy. The exact rules and number cards to deal and melds to make can be found it any Hoyle rule book. It depends how many (MORE)

How do you get silly putty out of fabric?

If the fabric is small enough example clothes or a toy, put it in a freezer overnight, then the putty will be easier to just rip off with out being gooey, or sticking to the f (MORE)

Why are little sisters ugly in BioShock 1 and not in BioShock 2?

In Bioshock 1 the little sisters where not as big as a part as they are in Bioshock 2. in Bioshock 2, the little sisters aren't as ugly so you develop a relationship with the (MORE)

Why are Silly Bandz so popular?

Silly Bandz are so popular because in 2005 kids started to wear then but they were definitely not popular then, but now I got to say its extremely popular and but the time you (MORE)
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Where in Florida do they sell silly band?

try office max or office depot. they also have them at michael's. also you can get them at walgreens, there tons of them. also try claires and justice but they are usually o (MORE)