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What is a silt fence?

Contractors use it around construction projects to keep the loose soil from washing away. It's a plastic mesh.

What is silt?

Silt is a sedimentry rock that is carried by water such as creeks and rivers. It is used for growing crops as it is rich, and really fertile soil.

Synonym for silt?

There are a few listed synonyms for the word silt. These includethe words sand, residue, deposit, and settlings.

What is silting of a port?

Silting refers to the build-up of silt on the bottom of the harbor or port. This build-up or silting will reduce the effective depth of the harbor or port, and dredging will h (MORE)
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Why is silting a problem?

Silting is a great problem because it makes the river bed shallower so river channels would hold less water. And the floods are frequent in these areas. ANSWERED BY SANIA TAR (MORE)
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What is sandy silt?

The term Sandy SILT generally consists of two words one is adjective and the other is noun generally in USCS (unified soil classification system) the adjective represents the (MORE)

What is the composition of silt?

While I have not been in school for the afforementioned question in the last decade. Silt refers to a grain size of the particle, not its composition. Sand is the same. While (MORE)