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What does it mean if my baby has a simian line?

A simian line (or palmar crease) is a single line runninghorizontally across the palm of the hand, instead of the two thatare usually featured in humans; the word comes from t (MORE)

How can you use the Word simian in a sentence?

\nSimian refers to having ape, human, or monkey like qualities. It can generally be used to define a monkey or an ape when you can't tell the difference.\n. \nExamples-\n"The (MORE)
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What happens you got a simian line?

i have a simian line and i am fine but in some cases people who have downes syndrome normally have a simian line.

What is a pre simian?

Presimian is; before occurrence of anthropoid apes, just in case u want to know, anthropoid apes are manlike or human likes animals, ex: gorilla and chimpanzee..........
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How do you unlock the simian cinema on ape escape 3?

You don't really unlock it. Durin the levels, you'll find things called 'pipo camera' in all the levels (except bosses, of course) as long as you haven't caught or scared he m (MORE)