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What is similarity?

In Geometry, two shapes are Similar when the only difference issize (and possibly the need to move, turn or flip one around). These two shapes are Similar (one is smaller and ( Full Answer )
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Why do you use similar to but not similar with?

In the English language, ' similar to ' is the customary collocation/construction. That's just the way it is. Over the years and centuries, these two words have always been pu ( Full Answer )
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How humans are similar?

humans are similar together by their feelings and by their cultures and they all have humanity and good luck!
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What is similar to the bassoon?

This question seems a bit vague, but I'll choose the answer, "oboe", since both are in the double reeds family. But an English Horn would fit, as well.
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Similarities that was then this The Outsiders?

For one thing, Ponyboy is mentioned in it. you may not have caught it, he's called "Curtis" most of "That Was Then, This Is Now". Also, it takes place in the same city.
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What is similar to a crow?

Ravens, Rooks, Grackles or Choughs are similar to Crows and are in the same genus, corvus.
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What is a parallelogram similar to?

I don't exactly know because the question on my math homework is How are a parallelogram and a trapizoid similar and how are they alike? So I really don't know. Sorry!
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What is a similar god that is similar to Ares?

Ares is a Greek god of war. Similarly, the Greek goddess Athena isalso a war god. She is also known for her wisdom. The two gods bothhad a hand in the famed Peloponnesian war ( Full Answer )