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What is the plural of Simons?

When a proper noun ends with a hard 's' sound there's no need to add anything to form the plural. "The Simons are coming to the party" is all that's required.
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What does Simone Mean?

Answer   Simone means 'beautiful' in old spanish language   The girl's name Simone, also used as boy's name Simone, is pronounced see-mohn, sih-MOHN. It is of Hebrew o (MORE)

What is Nicole in Latin?

The Latin translation for the Greek name Nicholas is Nicolaus.Nicole is a feminine variant of French origin. There does not seemto be a Latin variant.
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What did Simon Bolívar do?

He was one of South Americas greatest generals. His victories over the Spanish won independence for Bolivia, Panama, Colombia, Equador, Peru and Venezuela. He was known as 'Th (MORE)
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What was Simon commission?

The British Government appointed a commission consisting of seven  englishmen as members known as the simon commission.It was an all  white commission and no indians were as (MORE)

Who is simons cat?

Simon's Cat is a short animated series with the main character, of  course, named Simon's Cat. (No real name was given, so it was  simply called Simon's Cat) The animation s (MORE)