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When do you get gifts?

You can get gifts at any time for any occasion. To remember  something or unforgettable smoebody. I got the most memorable gift  from my mom when I were a little baby. That' (MORE)

About simple plan?

Simple Plan is a band that started in 1998 and is still current. The band consists of Pierre Bouvier- lead vocalist, Jeff Stinco- lead guitarist, Chuck Comeau- drums, and Davi (MORE)

What is a simple IRA?

SIMPLE IRAA SIMPLE IRA is a retirement plan for small businesses. "A salary deferral retirement plan established by an employer with 100 or fewer employees who received $5000 (MORE)
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What is simple cream?

  I think you mean Single cream (as opposed to double cream.) Single cream is for pouring and double cream is meant to be whipped so it stands up firm. These are the t (MORE)

Why java is 'simple'?

Java is a simple . Because java has the more library function than c/c++ language.By the help of this library, the developer only focuses on the business logic then java is a (MORE)

What are the gifts for the movie The Ultimate Gift?

the 12 gifts for the movie The Ultimate Gift are... 1. the gift of work 2. the gift of money 3. the gift of friends 4. the gift of learning 5. the gift of problems (MORE)

What is a simple tense?

Geoffrey Leech in 'An A-Z of English Grammar' defines a simple  tense as a tense that has only one verb eg   past simple -- I went to school in Auckland. -- verb = went  (MORE)

What is simple subject and simple predicate?

The simple subject is the main word in the complete subject. The pilgrims traveled to the new world by ship. ('The pilgrims' is the complete subject; 'pilgrims' is the simple (MORE)

Can 'are' be a simple predicate?

Yes. Here's an example:   "Are Sam and Pat fit to play on Saturday?" "They are."   In the sentence "They are", They is the subject, and are the complete predicat (MORE)