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How do pulleys in cranes make work simpler?

A pulley halves the force required to lift a load, but doubles the length of rope or cable. So if you had a 10lb. weight attached to a rope, and were pulling the rope upward, (MORE)

Can water be broken down into simpler substances?

  Through the process of electrolysis water can be broken down into pure hydrogen and oxygen.   Electrolysis involves electricity being ran through water, this splits d (MORE)

10 Courageous Kids Who Are Living Their Dreams (One Magical Wish At A Time)

They're the world's real life warriors! At 19 months old, Trucker was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma. Treatment often takes him to New York, which is a long a (MORE)
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Is the word simpler a word?

Yes, the word 'simpler' is the comparative form of the  adjective 'simple'.    simple (positive)  simpler (comparative)  simplest (superlative)  
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