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Why should you learn Chinese characters?

 I started studying characters as soon as I started studying  Chinese, and I am glad I did. Disambiguating homophones is one  reason. The other is that I think it is very (MORE)

What do ancient Chinese characters mean?

ancient Chinese characters mean words or letters! Chinese characters evolved from cave drawings, so technically a Chinese character stands for something you want to talk abo (MORE)

What is the difference between Chinese and Chinese- simplified?

The difference is the Chinese language is that Simplified Mandarin has differently shaped characters. Compared to Traditional Mandarin, Simplified Mandarin has more condensed (MORE)

How many characters does the Chinese language have?

About 80,000 Some of the largest Chinese dictionaries may have over 56,000 Chinese "symbols" (better known as characters). Many of those characters are rare, obscure and/or ar (MORE)

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How many Chinese characters exist in Chinese?

It depends how you count.      The 中华字海 Zhonghua Zihai contains 85,568 characters, as Vlad  mentions, but the majority of those are either rare variants of  (MORE)