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What is simulation?

A simulation is an artificial or illusional version of something.For example, if you create a computer game in which what appears tobe a person throws what appears to be a bas ( Full Answer )
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What are simulations?

It is the illusion of something. Video games, for example are simulations. War Video games are illusion of war
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What is a simulator?

A device and/or computer program that can be configured toact as another system . Simulators are usually used beforea new product (e.g. electronics device, car, airplane) h ( Full Answer )
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What are simulated textures?

a texture drawn to look like the real thing. a texture drawn to look like the real thing
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What is a flight simulator?

Flight Simulator is a simulator for people who like to fly airplanes, helicopters, and all around air vehicles. it is very professional and some-what confusing to new people t ( Full Answer )
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How simulations get done?

Simulations are carried out by a computer. For this purpose, there are a number of simulation tools which offer graphical modeling of simulations: . Simio Simulation Softwa ( Full Answer )
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Is a simulation realistic?

A simulations realisticness will vary from simulation to simulation. A simulation is a mathematical model that coordinates with real events or sensors to predict an outcome. D ( Full Answer )
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How does the simulator work?

It takes models of the world, uses lat and long fixings to locateaircraft, buildings and scenery. This system the uses an enginethat gathers all dynamics, groups land class da ( Full Answer )
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What does simulation do?

A simulation mimics a real-world situation by representing it with a mathematical model which most of the time is then transformed into a computer model for the purpose of stu ( Full Answer )
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What is simulation test?

A simulation test is a way of testing various possibilities ofoutcomes in different environments and variables. These tests areran to avoid minimal disruption to a project or ( Full Answer )