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What was an effect of the publishing of The Jungle by Upton Sinclair?

Under the Federal Meat Inspection Act the federal governmentauthorized inspectors to visit all food plants. This was paired with the Pure Food and Drug act which made itillega (MORE)

Who Invented the Sinclair ZX spectrum?

Sir Clive Sinclair. His first attempt at a mass produced computer was the SInclair ZX80. This was followed by the Sinclair ZX81, and subsequently the ZX Spectrum.
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What did Upton Sinclair write about?

Upton Sinclair had written over a dozen books in his lifetime. However, the only book people remember him by was "The Jungle". It was about the unsanitary conditions of a meat (MORE)

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Who bought Sinclair paint?

      May 10, 1994   COMPANY NEWS; INSILCO TO SELL SINCLAIR PAINT UNIT FOR $51 MILLION     The Insilco Corporation agreed yesterday to sell its Sinclair (MORE)

Is Sinclair Loan center a legitimate company?

  SINCLAIR LOAN CENTER is a SCAM!!! This loan center is a call center to lure potential customers who are in desperate need for money. When you fill out the so call loan a (MORE)
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Why is Victoria Sinclair famous?

Victoria Sinclair is famous because she is well known as the original anchor on the Naked News. Today, she is still a part of the Naked News, as one of the currently eight anc (MORE)