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Who translated the Quran into Sindhi?

According to Sindhi tradition the first translation was made by in  270/883 by an Arab scholar. This one might be the same as the one  mentioned above. The first extant Sind (MORE)

How many sindhis in Karachi?

In 1998 census it 7% , 700.000 sindhis karachi. Census of Karachi arent always true... so in 1998 the real % must have been 8-10%, 800.000- 1.000.000. As of 2012 Estimates si (MORE)

What are the achievements of Sindhi language?

well it is the first language of the world translated the holy quran,sindhi is mix of indian languages,seraiki,balochi,persian,arabic,turkish,african and a bit chinese.sindhi (MORE)
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What is a literature?

Literature is the writings having excellence of form or expression and expressing ideas of permanent or universal interest.
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Is Priyanka chopra is sindhi are not?

priyanka chopra is not sindhi .she is a sexy punjabi girl in bollywood.she is look like a hollywood actress.
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Is prianka chopra sindhi?

Priyanka Chopra is a famous Bollywood actress from India. She won  Miss World pageant in 2000. He father was a doctor in Indian Army  and was a Punjabi and her mother is fro (MORE)

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