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Who sings higher?

Depend which song you're on about, it either Higher by Taio cruzft. Kylie Minogue ("It takin me higher, higher, higher off theground") or Higher by the Saturdays ("I gonna lif (MORE)

Is singing hard?

Singing isn't hard but singing well is. There are very few people in this world who are truly tone-deaf, and those who aren't are generally able to sing passably in a group. H (MORE)

How does it feel to sing?

Sing? Sing... Hmm let's see. Singing is praying twice. Singing is a way of expressing How you feel. Singing Is beautiful, Fun, and awesome! Singing is a way to feel confident. (MORE)

Who sings hosanna?

The word Hosanna means A cry of praise or adoration to God. This is mostly sung or chanted by the angels in heaven. Though there are special occasions when it is said by congr (MORE)
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Who sings you can get with this or you can get with that?

There are two versions of this song: Song Title: The Choice Is Yours Artist: Black Sheep Original Release (vinyl): 1991 Song Title: The Choice Is Yours (Revisited) Artist: B (MORE)

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What is an adverb for sing?

If you want an adverb to describe the way someone sings, how about 'tunefully', 'melodiously', 'loudly', or 'badly', for example? If you want an adverb that is derived from th (MORE)

How did the prison Sing Sing get its name?

Sing Sing's name comes from the Indian phrase sin  sinck. It means stone on stone.
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What is the noun for sing?

The noun forms for the verb to sing are singer and  the gerund, singing.    The word sing is also a noun, a word for an occasion of singing; a  ringing or whizzing so (MORE)

Who sings Heartbroken?

Singer Jodie Aysha sings the song 'Heartbroken' in a collaboration  with R&B group T2. She also wrote the lyrics to this song.
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Who sings candyman?

Christina aguilera
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