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Where is Singapore?

  Singapore, also known as the Republic of Singapore, is located in Southeast Asia. It is an island state at the southern tip of the Malaysia Peninsula. It is one of the (MORE)

What is a sling?

A sling is a flat piece of leather with two rawhide strings  attached to it. A stone or other heavy object is placed in the  piece of leather and the object is slung with gr (MORE)
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How can you keep sling backs on your heels?

  The most popular and economical way is to simply keep adjusting them. However, fashion tape (available at most Victoria's Secret locations in the US) would most likely h (MORE)

In the movie Sling Blade what is a Sling Blade?

  A tool. A kaiser blade (also called a ditch bank blade, brush axe, or sling blade) is a heavy, hooked, steel blade at the end of a wooden handle usually 3 feet to 4 feet (MORE)

What is a airsoft sling?

An airsoft sling, if you look on your gun you will be able to see this 2 oval kind of looking like shape on your gun, a sling is kind of like a guitar strap its to support you (MORE)

What was David's sling made out of?

The Bible itself does not describe the sling David used(1 Samuel 17:40), but historic evidence indicates that slings were common weapons of the day, for armies as well as shep (MORE)
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What is the purpose of a sling box?

A sling box will allow a person to attach their television signal to their home computer. This will allow the person to stream and watch television on their home computer.
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