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What do you have to do to be a singer?

You Must Have Confidence In Your Self And Go To Singing Lessons To Improve Your Singing, Take Part In Plays And Theatre To Show People You Can Sing Very Well, You Dont Need To (MORE)

Who are the queen singers?

Queen's main singer and frontman (but not leader, contrary to a popular belief) was Freddie Mercury, but other members Brian May (guitarist) and Roger Taylor (drummer) also fr (MORE)

What do singers do to become singers?

As i am a singer myself and only 10 here is what you do Practice singing, get lots of confidence and have fun but wait there's more. Start of just hiring a stage and performin (MORE)

What is a baritone singer?

A baritone singer is a male singer with a lower voice than tenor. The order of the vocal pitches is:Soprano (female)Alto (female)Tenor (male)Baritone/Bass (male)
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How to be a singer?

There are 3 rules you have to follow to be a singer. firstly you have to have a good voice, by good i mean clear and loud. Secondly, You have to perform in crowds from 5 and (MORE)

What do singers do to become a singer?

You start with singing lessons to improve your technique and improve your voice then you can start looking for contests and if you really want to sing hire an agent. Then soon (MORE)
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Which singers are contraltos?

From Wikipedia, below:    "A contralto  is a type of classical female singing voice whose vocal range is  the lowest female voice type, with the lowest tessitura. The (MORE)

What responsibilities do singers have?

Well they must be on time to rehearsals, show up to rehearsals and be prepared to sing. They should always make sure they have a drink with them too otherwise their voice andf (MORE)