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What is a demo singer?

  A demo singer is someone who sings a song that's written for another artist. The demo is then sent the to second artist for them to learn. This technique is used mostl (MORE)

What is a cabaret singer?

Cabaret is a form of entertainment featuring comedy , song , dance , and theatre, distinguished mainly by the performance venue-a restaurant or nightclub with a stage for perf (MORE)

What do singers do to become a singer?

You start with singing lessons to improve your technique and improve your voice then you can start looking for contests and if you really want to sing hire an agent. Then soon (MORE)

How to become a singer?

Put a video on you tubeget known prove to people that u have talentdon't be shy or afraid to sing in publicYOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO SING THOUGHGet peoples opiniongo on Britain's (MORE)

What do singers do at work?

Answer: What do singers do at workA Singer will sing, practice their songs, write songs, go over the lyrics, record the songs that go onto their new albums, practice again som (MORE)

How do you become a singer?

There are many ways to become a singer 1. post a video on you tube. 2. take singing lessons. 3. make a band and perform small concerts ( then if a producer is there at one he (MORE)

Who is lead singer?

The lead singer is a person who sings the most in a song. Here are some examples of Lead singers: Nadine (Girls Aloud) Vanessa (The Saturdays) Brad Delp (Boston). This person (MORE)
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Is singer an adjective?

No, it is not. Singer is a noun for someone who sings (a person).   * something that singes can also be called a 'singer'
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