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What should singles do for Valentine's Day?

Being single on Valentine's Day does not mean you have to sit sadlyat home alone, binge on chocolate, and watch sappy movies. Get outand have a good time! Make it a mission t (MORE)

How many singles did green day have?

Green Day has 33 singles so far, including: Longview Welcome to Paradise Basketcase When I Come Around She J.A.R. Geek Stink Breath Stuck With Me Brain Stew/Jaded Walking Cont (MORE)

What was the bloodiest single day of civil war was?

ANSWER: apex= The Battle of Antietam The bloodiest battle of the American Civil War, was the Battle of Shiloh (also known as Pittsburg Landing). The Battl (MORE)

Is day day single from ggpr?

DayDay is sinqle n sexy n u shud try t2 get aht him if u can.........bhudd remember since he sexy he probly gott all da gurls wntinqq him
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Why must I be single on Valentine's Day?

You are looking at this in a negative way. Instead think about how lucky you are to be able to enjoy things in the world. I found that if I got creative I could enjoy living a (MORE)
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What is meaning of every single day?

The meaning of every single day is daily. This is a common phrasethat is used for something that occurs frequently.