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What is the opposite of sink?

The opposite reaction of to sink (in liquid) is to float. However the opposite motion sink (move lower) would have the opposite rise.
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How did the britannic sink?

HMHS Britannic, the sister ship of RMS Olympic and RMS Titanic, was launched just before the start of the First World War and was quickly put to use as a hospital ship. In tha (MORE)

What are the Advanatages and disadvantages of sinking fund method of depreciation?

Sinking Fund Advantages and Disadvantages On paper, sinking funds appear to be a great program for both businesses and their investors. However, there are advantages and disa (MORE)

Why do submarine not sink?

As with all boats, a submarine does not weigh as much as the amount of water it displaces. To go under the water's surface, it pumps water into special tanks (ballast tanks), (MORE)

What is Meaning of funds and flow of fund?

  Assets which can be converted in the form of money. funds in addition to cash items such as bills & notes , govt. obligations & mutal fund
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WHAT IS fund management in mutual fund?

A fund manager is the person that is responsible for implementing a  fund's investing strategy and managing its portfolio trading  activities. A fund can be managed by one p (MORE)
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How does water get to your sink?

Through plumbing. If you're connected to municipal water supply there's a standpipe, an elevated water reservoir somewhere, and you're connected to that through pipes in your (MORE)

What is the current sinking?

A: It refers to a current that shows direction. For example a current source will supply current to a load and the load can be assuming to be sinking the current
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What is an equity fund in a mutual fund?

A mutual fund which invests a minimum of 65% of its fund corpus in  equity and equity related instruments is known as equity mutual  fund. As in the case of other mutual fun (MORE)