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What were the causes of the Sino-Japanese war?

The newly modernized Japan saw Korea as strategically and economically important and thus wanted to eliminate Chinese influence on the peninsula. The Chinese, who had long hel (MORE)

Who were the Japanese after in World War 2?

The nationality of the Japanese did not change after the war. Korea which had been a Japanese protectorate in 1905 and directly under Japanese rule in 1910 received self det (MORE)

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Who won the Sino-Japanese War?

  Answer   The Japanese won significant victories over the Chinese, occupied Chinese territory, and treated Chinese men, women, and children harshly.     The w (MORE)

What ended the Sino-Japanese war?

answ2. The war between China and Japan was continued actively, deep in the interior, right up to the point of the Japanese surrender after the Nagasaki bomb. This war had st (MORE)