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What do sinuses do?

The related article from Ear, Nose, & Throat Associates of Corpus Christi really explains it well. According to them and the Sinus Wars site: They lighten the weight of the s (MORE)
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What are the causes of poly sinusitis?

Ploysinusitis is the simultaneous inflammation of multiple sinuses.  What causes this is that mucus gland gets blocked, but the gland  keeps making mucus and cannot drain ou (MORE)
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Can sinusitis cause a lung nodule?

Sinusitis does not cause a lung nodule. The causes of a lung nodule  are by infections such as bacterial or fungal. A spot on the lung  that is about 3 cm or less is conside (MORE)

Is sinusitis contagious?

  No, it is not contagious.   Answer   No however, the cold that precedes it is.
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Function of the sinuses?

The sinuses are basically pockets of air in the bone, 2 on the forehead, and one under each eye. The 'inner lining' of the sinuses is a thin layer of tissue. They are all inte (MORE)
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How can sinusitis cured?

"itis" refers to inflammation "sinus" is of course your sinuses. Inflamation can be helped with diphenhydramine "benadryl" or using a nasal spray such as nasal saline or Neo- (MORE)

What is poly sinusitis?

Poly sinusitis is the inflammation of two or more of the sinuses.  In the early stages of poly sinusitis the treatment is warm showers  and decongestants/antihistamines. In (MORE)

How do you treat sinusitis?

To keep away pain, Tylenol works best however you can use advil or  Ibuprofen but like I said Tylenol works best and each day place a  hot towel on face for ten minuets thre (MORE)