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Did Sir Arthur Conan Doyle have kids?

A son and a daughter, Kingsley and Mary, with his first wife, Louise Hawkins, aka Touie. Two sons and a daughter with his second wife, Jean Leckie : Adrian, Dennis and Lena Je (MORE)

What was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle knighted for?

Because of his services to the British Crown (Edward VII knighted him) as an defender of the British activities in the South African War. (aka the Boer War - 1901). There were (MORE)

What accomplishments did Sir Arthur Conan Doyle have?

Sir Conan Doyle had several accomplishments:He was a licensed and practicing physicianHe played football as a goalkeeper for Portsmouth Association Football Club, an amateu (MORE)

What is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle famous for?

He is famous for writing many books but most notably the series of mysteries about Sherlock Holmes. Many of his books about Holmes have been made into films. He was a physicia (MORE)

When did Sir Arthur Conan Doyle get his knighthood?

On October 24, 1902, Arthur Conan Doyle was knighted by Edward VII for writing The War in South Africa: Its Causes and Conduct.
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Where did Sir Arthur Conan Doyle live?

The Scottish born Sir Arthur lived mostly in southern England. Following schooling, he resided in several different places at different times owning to changes in his medical (MORE)

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