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How do you sit on a couch?

it depends on if your by yourself or with some one else if your by yourself then it is probably best to insert your rear end into the couch then lifting your feet onto either (MORE)

What is a sitting president?

A sitting president is the current president. US Presidents are called "President" until they die, reference therefore to the present-day president is made as 'sitting Preside (MORE)

What rhymes with sit?

Hit, kit, mitt, knit, lit, zit, bit, grit, fit, pit, quit, spit, slit, skit, wit, chit, flit, nit, snit, split, twit, writ
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Why does my cat sit on me?

Well the cat probably sits on you because it wants you to scratch it. Cats like warm places, so your cat may be sitting on you because you are warm. Cats also like to be pe (MORE)
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How do you sit down?

First, make sure you have a stable surface to rest on. Then, bend your knees to get your buttocks closer to the surface until you make contact. Finally, rest all your weight o (MORE)

Do goats sit?

Goats can, in fact, sit. They look silly doing it and most goats don't do it a lot, but they can.

How do you get your dachshund to sit?

Before teaching a dog to sit, it should already know and respond to its name. Start the exercise in a quiet room and use a calm voice. Call your dog by its name and show your (MORE)