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Where does the sitar come from?

The Sitar is most commonly associated with India, though the design varies in different parts of the country, and Pakistan and Afghanistan also have their own versions.
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What does sitar mean?

Sitar is a stringed musical instrument that can be played solo or as an accompaniment to Hindustani Classical Music
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How do sitar players play the sitar?

I am a sitar player, and the way we play sitar is by sitting down, and putting one leg over the other and balancing the sitar on the leg that is slanted. We can't look at the (MORE)

How is the sitar played?

The sitar is played by strumming or plucking its stings with a wire "pick" called a mizrab. Getting into detail, you hold the instrument while sitting with your legs crossed. (MORE)

Who plays the sitar?

The sitar is a stringed instrument with origins in India. Ravi  Shankar is one of the mot famous sitar players in history, and in  the 1960s he influenced British pop musici (MORE)

What is the sitar made out of?

The Sitar looks like a guitar but it isn't. Anyway your question. well the sitar is made out of wood. Now there's your answer. Now you can complete your homework or whatever. (MORE)