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What is this site?

This is WikiAnswers. This site can be used to answer any question, from the world's fastest runner to the meaning of life.
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What do you do on this site?

Do your best to answer questions to the best of your abilities. Notice that I use the word 'best' heavily. Here at WA, we aim to be the best knowledge base on the internet. (MORE)

What are sites?

  Your question it not clear so .....Sites in Active Directory are the physical network structure of Active Directory based on subnet or subnets. Each site in Active Direc (MORE)

What is on this site?

Many things are available to you on WikiAnswers. There are questions, answers, and related link to further explain those answers. There is much more, like the Ask and Answer (MORE)

What is this site about?

helping people do research with your own knowlegde or for people who have no life? i go with the first one, because it is very helpful when you need to know a question unles (MORE)