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How many songs did ABBA sing in spanish i know the current answer of 5 that is shown on your site is incorrect because their album oro grandes exitos has 15 songs in spanish all by itself?

According to Swedish Wiki: 1. Andante Andante - Andante Andante 2. Chiquitita - Chiquitita 3. Fernando - Fernando 4. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! - Dame Dame Dame 5. Happy N (MORE)

What rhymes with site?

bite blight flight fight height kite light might sight slight opposite contrite trite night mite rite kite trite right
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What is a site factor?

A site factor is a benefit of being in an area or town and why it was built in that particular place instead of somewhere else. (For example, a site factor could be a river. Y (MORE)
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What is a Brownfeild site?

A Brownfield site is an area where an industrial or commercial area used to be and is no longer in use. Brownfield land is not ideal land to reuse because of possible environ (MORE)

What are the top 5 reasons college students use social networking sites?

I am a college student myself and in my opinion,these are my 5  reasons     connect with friends and family  to run away from stress   to "share" and "shout out (MORE)
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What is dating site?

A dating site is a web based platform that allows members to connect with others to form relationships of all types. A person seeking a relationship of any kind will often use (MORE)

What is a vanity site?

In the urban dictionary it says a site that is created by a small  group of people for sheer amusement, possibly advocating a idea but  not exactly. On pretty much every oth (MORE)