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What is risk situation?

Risk situation: Risk: Risk is the measure of the effect of an event, such as that of an effect taking place at a given level of exposure. Although the term "risk" is gene (MORE)

What is a situational composition?

It is like a composition writing where points are provided. This calls for amplification of the points that have been given with addition of relevant material by the student (MORE)

Where is England situated?

England is the Middle-eastern part of the United Kingdoms, with Scotland on the North and Wales to the West. The United Kingdom itself is an island kingdom situated at the Nor (MORE)
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Where is Serbia situated?

Serbia is located in Central-Southeastern Europe, and borders Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia.
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What is a risk situation?

A risk situation is a dangerous situation. The risk is the inherent  dangers associated with an outcome. Situation is defined as the set  of circumstances that one can find (MORE)
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Where is Cardiff situated?

It is situated near the Glamorgan Coast, stretching westward from Penarth and Barry.Cardiff, located on the banks of the River Taff, is the capital and largest city of Wales. (MORE)

What is a paradoxical situation?

A paradox is a situation that ends in a conclusion that does not justify the cause, and therefore self contradictory. A paradoxical situation would be, for example, if a briti (MORE)

What is situational planning?

Situational planning is being prepared for events based on specific  circumstances. It ensures that should something occur, everyone  will be ready.
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Meaning of situation?

A situation can be a location or the way something is placed. It  can also be the way things are, or circumstantial.
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What is dramatic situation?

A dramatic situation is one where emotions are really played up.  Someone who throws a fit and throws a soup bowl across the room  just because it has one carrot in it is a (MORE)