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What rhymes with situation?

communication Vacation, station, temptation, salvation, renovation, deliberation, frustration. humiliation, stimulation, motivation simulation, generation 2 syllable words h (MORE)

Where is Pakistan situated?

Pakistan is situated in South Asia. It is bordered by Afghanistan and Iran in the west, India in the east and China in the northeast.
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What can you do about this situation if anything?

OK SO HERES WHAT HAPPENED! On Saturday 2/06/2010 I was at Qualcomm Stadium in san Diego attending a supercross event, i had a great night watching the event and when i was (MORE)
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Where is the hymen situated?

At the entrance to the vagina, it is a thin membrane stretched across the entrance.
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What is diplomatic situations?

Conflicts between countries that can and should be resolved through negotiations by their governmental representatives.
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What is an ethical situation?

An ethical situation or more usually an ethical dilemma is one in which there is a conflict within oneself about what to do based on his personal ethics. Generally it pits tw (MORE)

What to do in this situation?

Smile and wave, because there might be a live TV camera pointed atyou. Of course, if you mean some other impossible-to-guesssituation, this might not be an appropriate respons (MORE)