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How do you get from a size 14 to a size 8?

One of the best ways to lose weight is a change in diet and achange in exercise habits. If you eat more mindfully, and thinkabout eating vegetables and fruit, and eating other (MORE)

What size are plus size models?

The ideal sizes a plus size model should meet are anywhere between 12-18. Size 10 is not as commonly used but there are demands for plus size models in that size.

What is size?

A physical property that is a general measure of how large or small somthing is.
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What is the size of a king-sized blanket?

According to me the minimum size of aking-sized blanket is 108" x 90" cm, but it may vary bymanufacturers because king-sized beds also have varieties like California or West (MORE)

Size 37 is what size American?

I assume you mean shoe size...if so...then in the US it would be a size 7. But that's not always perfect. I used to work in a shoe store and when a woman asked for a 37 I woul (MORE)

What is size 3 in European size?

I think its a size 33... - If the size 3 girls is USA then its a 35 If ts a size 3 boys USA then its a 35 If its a size 3 boys UK then its 35.5

What is a size?

Size describes the physical dimension of something, how big or small the item is as compared to another size. A "size" can be generally standardized, such as clothing sizes or (MORE)