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What does Ska Mean?

Originating in the Caribbean island of Jamaica, Ska is an amazing musical genre. It combines elements found in Jazz, Soul, Motown, R&B and Calypso, but its distinctive offbeat ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of the word ska?

a modern style of vocalized Jamaican popular music, which emerged in the 1950s as a blend of African-Jamaican folk music, calypso, and American rhythm and blues, notable for i ( Full Answer )
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What are some good ska bands?

Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, 8 Kalacas, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Mustard Plug, Sublime, The Aquabats, The Supervillians, Rebelution, Streetlight Manifesto, The Toasters, Drop Kic ( Full Answer )
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Is sublime ska?

Sublime could very well be considered ska. It could also be considered reggae, though, but the two are quite similar.
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When did ska begin?

Ska originated in the late 1950's in Jamaica, combining elements such as reggae, rocksteady, punk, and jazz.
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Who performed ska?

There have been 3 waves of ska: 1. Jamaica in the 1960s 2. UK in the late 1970s and 1980s 3. USA in the 1990s Famous first wave bands include Toots & The Maytals, Prince Bus ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell ska?

That is the correct spelling of the Jamaican musical genre "ska" (considered a precursor to reggae).
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Who are famous ska musicians?

A couple of ska bands I listen to (and are pretty darn famous) are: . Reel Big Fish - They have more than a "hit single." Their hits include "Sell Out," and "Where Have You ( Full Answer )
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What is Ska?

SKA is a style of fast popular music that has a strong offbeat. Itoriginated in Jamaica in the 1960s.