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What is the pronunciation of Skagen?

Answer . Skagen the town in Denmark is pronounced "skane, skein, like vein" I assume Skagen the watch company, brand is pronounced the same way but i am not 100% sure ab ( Full Answer )
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How can i change the battery of my Skagen wristwatch?

Most Skagen watches have a snap-in, snap-out back. You will need a case back opening tool ($3 to $14) or a slotted jeweler's screw driver or knife blade to pry it open. Do thi ( Full Answer )
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How do you change your skagen watch band?

Got the same problem myself--if you have one that screws on, and does not use pins, then you probably have model 433C. I've been all over Atlanta looking for ANYONE who carrie ( Full Answer )
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Can you change skagen watch band?

I have purchased a Women Watch, the band is small. I need 2-3 moresection to be added to the band in order I can use it. Pleaseadvise. Thank you, Christine
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What retailers carry skagen watches?

Alot of retailers carry Skagen watch brands. Such retailers include Costco, Amazon, and Overstock. Most jewerly departments in many famous retailers carry Skagen Watches. Howe ( Full Answer )
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Which country manufactures skagen watches?

skagen watches are mostly made in Denmark, although they are manufactured from components that come from many other countries, including China. The company is based in the Uni ( Full Answer )
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Where can you purchase skagen watches?

Skagen watches may be purchased online or in any major department stores such as Macy's or Nordstroms. Online retailers such as Ebay or Amazon or overstock would sell these wa ( Full Answer )
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How would you get a skagen watches?

There are various ways you might obtain a Skagen watch. You could buy a watch online from Skagen's website, or you could buy one from a local department store such as Nordstro ( Full Answer )
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Can skagen watches be ordered online?

There are many different retailers who offer Skagen watches online. You will be able to find many different styles and prices. One that fits your budget and sense of style.