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What is professional skepticism?

Professional skepticism is an attitude that is used to help  discover evidence of fraud or audits in a professional sense. It is  when questions are asked and investigations (MORE)

Why is skepticism an important quality in a scientist?

It is a very important quatlity in a scientist because they must doubt certain 'truths' or what apear to be the truth. A classic example of this would be the discovery that th (MORE)
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How does skepticism benefit science?

A good scientist is always appropriately sceptical. The scientific method works by finding some facet of reality that is puzzling, and 'inventing' a reasonable hypothesis that (MORE)

What is cynicism stoicism epicureanism and skepticism?

Cynics- This term derives from the Greek work "kunos" which means "dog-like." Early Cynics e.g. Diogenes were ANTI-SOCIAL:  1. The world (everything external) is evil s (MORE)

What do global warming skeptics think?

I'm not convinced they do that much. Consider the example of Senator Inhofe, for example. His faith teaches that man cannot have a negative impact on our environment, and the (MORE)

Why is it good for scientists to be skeptical?

When scientists are skeptical, the are more likely to find new  thing. When scientists are not skeptical, they are less open to  opportunities. For example, if scientists we (MORE)

What is religious skepticism?

Religious skepticism is the belief that no religion has offered  convincing evidence that it is true, or has offered convincing  evidence that the central beliefs of that re (MORE)

What is skeptical mean?

Not quite believing something, questioning an answer, conclusion, or statement. Example - a high school senior tries to buy alcohol and says he's 21. You know the look the se (MORE)

Why is it important to be skeptical about new information?

When you see scientific issues in newspapers, radio, television,  and magazines, it is important to be skeptical and question  information. It is essential to question state (MORE)