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Why should scientists be skeptical?

There are, in this world, many erroneous claims and many lies, many mistakes and many deceptions. Scientists must take care not to be fooled, otherwise they will waste their t (MORE)

What is professional skepticism?

Professional skepticism is an attitude that is used to help  discover evidence of fraud or audits in a professional sense. It is  when questions are asked and investigations (MORE)
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What is skeptical attitude in science?

Means the new idea will only be accepted if it is backed by  evidence.
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Why it is important for scientists to be skeptical?

because there is alot of data out there that is wrong so they have to be skeptical and research everything.
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What is Bertrand Russelll's value on skepticism?

  {Scepticism is a lazy man's consolation, since it showed the ignorant to be as wise as the reputed men of learning.} quote: Bertrand Russel, A History of Western Philoso (MORE)

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How do you use the word skeptically in a sentence?

We listened rather skeptically to the salesman's claims about the  used car.   The jury looked skeptically at the defendant, but later acquitted  him.    He liste (MORE)
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How does skepticism benefit science?

A good scientist is always appropriately sceptical. The scientific method works by finding some facet of reality that is puzzling, and 'inventing' a reasonable hypothesis that (MORE)

Why is it good for scientists to be skeptical?

When scientists are skeptical, the are more likely to find new  thing. When scientists are not skeptical, they are less open to  opportunities. For example, if scientists we (MORE)