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What does skepticism mean?

Skepticism means doubt or misgivings. A skeptic is one who questions a doctrine or fact. Philosophy Skepticism refers to the comprehensive doctrine which describes absolute (MORE)

What is professional skepticism?

Professional skepticism is an attitude that is used to helpdiscover evidence of fraud or audits in a professional sense. It iswhen questions are asked and investigations are c (MORE)

What is skeptical attitude?

Type your answer here... is a situation where one is extremely doubtful of a particular thing or subject. therefore not believing its probability.
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What is a skeptical listener?

This is someone who pays very close attention to what is being said and takes that information and dissect it to their own understanding.

What are Euro skeptics?

They are people who do not support the European Union and thinkthere are many flaws in it. The European Union is an organisation,but not everyone in each of the member country (MORE)
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What is a skeptical tone?

It is a bit like underestimated tone. like how you do something and something doesn't think it will work ? yeah, thats what i understnad as a skeptical tone

What is religious skepticism?

Religious skepticism is the belief that no religion has offeredconvincing evidence that it is true, or has offered convincingevidence that the central beliefs of that religion (MORE)

What is skeptical mean?

Not quite believing something, questioning an answer, conclusion, or statement. Example - a high school senior tries to buy alcohol and says he's 21. You know the look the se (MORE)