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What is skin?

Skin is a soft, smooth protective covering on your body. It grows hair, and can also be scratched and scared. There are also prints on your skin. Police and other people can d ( Full Answer )
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What is skinning?

It is the action of removing the skin of any living being. Example: He skinned the rabbit, and used the fur to line his boots.
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What does skin do?

1- Protection of the body against virulent organisms ("germs") anddisease by acting as a first defense against disease-causingparticles, because most can't get through unopene ( Full Answer )
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What are skins?

First and foremost, skins are designed to make your electronics last longer. Regardless of whether you are thinking about your cell phone, your mp3 player, iPod, or even your ( Full Answer )
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What skin does?

Your skin is the largest and most important organ in/on your body. What your skin Or (Epidermis) does , is basically keeps all your internal organs inside of you. And your ( Full Answer )
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What is skin and what does it do?

Skin is the biggest organ in yourbody (yes it's an organ) and it serves severalfunction. One of them is toprotectyour internal organs from diseases and germs. Actually if you ( Full Answer )
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What does your skin do what does your skin do?

1st) provide your body with first line of defence against infection by being a protective barrier and secreting oil or sebum 2nd) holds the most important sensory receptors ( Full Answer )
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What is your skin for?

Your skin keeps the insides of your body safe. It helps to keep out water and harmful germs. It also makes sure you don't get too warm or too cold. Your skin grows with you as ( Full Answer )
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What is skins about?

Skins is about a group of teenagers and all the drama and good times between them.. It's a great show!