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What is a skirt?

A skirt is an article of clothing traditionally worn by women and girls. It begins at the waist and has fabric coming down toward the ground. They can be any lenght. For pictu (MORE)

How do you put on a skirt?

About 90% of skirts are put on by slipping your legs through the gap inside the skirt. The remaining 10% are skirts that have buttons on the sides;you put the skirt around you (MORE)

What is a tartan skirt?

Women might wear a skirt with a tartan pattern on it and that would still be a tartan skirt. You are probably thinking of a man's Highland outfit and that is called a kilt.

Is skirted an adjective?

Yes, skirted is an Adjective. The word skirted is also a form of the verb to skirt (to lie along, to form a border or edge, or to avoid). Example uses: Adjective: I lik (MORE)

What is an tartan skirt?

The tartan 'skirt' as worn by Scotsmen is called a 'Kilt' but don't let a Scotsman hear you refer to it as a 'skirt' as he would be VERY offended.
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What skirts can a skirt hanger hang?

A skirt hanger can hang any type of skirt. Most skirt hangers have movable clamps for the clothes to ensure that the skirt regardless of size can be hung without any wrinkles (MORE)