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How do you put on a skirt?

About 90% of skirts are put on by slipping your legs through the gap inside the skirt. The remaining 10% are skirts that have buttons on the sides;you put the skirt around you (MORE)

What is Godet skirt?

A "godet" is, in essence, an extra panel of fabric sewn into a  skirt or dress that causes the garment to flare and twirl. If you  have any godet
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What is the history of skirts?

1913 - Hemline rose just below the ankle     1918 - Skirt length rose just below calf length     1920 - Drop waists     1926 - Flapper Fashion     (MORE)

Why do the duggars where skirts?

it is more conservative than pants It is more MODEST than pants. Skirts don't show the curves of a woman's body like pants do. They don't want to cause men to lust.
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What is table skirting?

Cloth or paper draped from the edge of the table to the floor. The art of clothing the table to covered it's undesirable parts. It is done also to make the occasion special.
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What is the skirting in a building?

  The skirting is the strip of wood that sit in the corner made by the floor and the wall. They are there to protect the bottom of the wall against being damaged by brooms (MORE)

Types of skirting?

Skirting for a table can be made of a variety of fabrics. It can be  tulle, net, cotton, gingham, or lace for example.

Where can you get a plaid skirt?

Hot topic, spencers and just look em up online not very cheap if your trying to find big sizes. I'm trying to find some cheap ones in my size normally there very short because (MORE)

How do you skirt a table?

Skirting a table is a time consuming in cloth table cover but it’s easier in spandex table covers. Apart from the article of clothing, the verb 'to skirt' means - to pass a (MORE)