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What does the skull mean Harley Skull?

Usually the term Harley skull refers to any skull used in a Harley-Davidson design that features a skull....Several of these designs were so popular that any similar skull use (MORE)

What does a skull do?

A skull acts as armor to protect the brain. While the skull is capable of fractures and breakage, it protects the brain floating in Cerebrospinal fluid. However, because the b (MORE)
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How do you get the skulls?

There are various skulls you can find hidden in Halo: CombatEvolved. The first skull is hidden in the first room in the gamebehind some barrels.
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How do you get the skull in the Covenant?

After deactivating the 1st tower, you hop in one of the 2 hornets provided for you, and move on to an intense air battle with banshees, but instead of following the major batt (MORE)

Can you skull be dislocated?

Yes. The skull sits on the top vertebra of your spine, called the atlas. If there is a strong enough trauma to the head, the skull can be moved off, or dislocated, from the at (MORE)
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What do you do with skulls?

You pick them up. The skulls can promote life or ammo. They can also make it harder to hurt enemies but if you kill the enemies with the skull you can unlock glitches and othe (MORE)
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Why do you have skull?

Main function of the skull is to protect the brain, one of the most important organ in your body.