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What is a skyscraper?

A skyscraper is a building that is higher than 300m. According to Webster, it is a big building. The word was first used around 1883 to describe the multi-story buildings goi (MORE)

What are skyscrapers?

When the term was coined in the 1880s, it was to describebuildings with 10-20 floors, but now refers to buildings of atleast 40-50 floors tall. . Skyscrapers are called skys (MORE)
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How high is a skyscraper?

In order for a building to be considered a skyscraper, it must be  at least 12 stories high. There is no specific height after that.  Some famous skyscrapers include the Emp (MORE)

Which is the city of skyscrapers?

New York had received for quite long the nickname of 'The City of  Skyscrapers', because, of course, its classical urban landscape.  This city is the home of more than 200 b (MORE)

What is the definition of skyscrapers?

A skyscraper is a tall, continuously habitable building. There is no official definition nor height above which a building may clearly be classified as a skyscraper. Most cit (MORE)

Who was the inventor of the skyscraper?

The creation of the modern skyscraper is often attributed to Louis Sullivan who constructed the Wainwright Building in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1891. The Wainwright Building wa (MORE)
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Why are skyscrapers beneficial?

skyscraper are beneficial because they don't take up as much land as regular buildings, like they built them upward instead of out ward 
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Are there skyscrapers in a city?

Yes there are skyscrapers in most all major cities. Atlanta, Chicago, LA, etc. but small cities not very likely. Depending on what kind of city you are referring too.
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Who built the skyscrapers?

Tens of thousands of people have designed & constructed skyscrapers over the decades. Your question is far too broad to be answered with a single individual's name. Is there a (MORE)