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What is a bus slack adjuster?

  Answer   slack adjuster is the adjuster on the brakes of vehicles with air brakes. these are used to adjust and take the slack out of the brakes caused by usual we (MORE)
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What is nutty slack?

It's a type of coal. SLACK is dusty bituminous coal residues, 'nutty slack' if it contains significant lumps. I imagine it was the cheapest thing you could get
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Why is slack important to the project manager?

Slack is important when managing a project because it's is very rare that things don't change while working on a project. Budgets change, schedules change, available resources (MORE)

What are the slack adjusters?

\n. \nslack adjusters are part of the brakes. they are ocated on the axle next to each wheel. they are used to adjust the brakes,or to take the slack out on the lickages so a (MORE)
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What is the effect of slack tank?

This is referring to the free surface effect. It is a condition  that deals with a tank that is not full.
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Distingui sh between total slack and free slack?

  Free slack: The free slack of an activity is the time this activity can be delayed without impact on the following activity. Total slack: The total slack of an act (MORE)

What is slack byte in structures in C?

it's a byte used for speed optimization. It aligns bytes so that the can be read from the structure faster. Its an extra byte, sometimes placed between structure members to a (MORE)

Can you spell slax for slacks?

No. The plural word "slacks" (like pants) applies to a pair of trousers. The short form slax might only be used for text or signage.
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