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What are the slack adjusters?

\n. \nslack adjusters are part of the brakes. they are ocated on the axle next to each wheel. they are used to adjust the brakes,or to take the slack out on the lickages so a (MORE)

What is slack bus?

A PU bus in the power system which has the constant voltage value and is connected to a generator. The extra required energy or excess energy in the power system is managed by (MORE)

What is a slack moll?

A Moll was a girlfriend or woman companion so im guessing a slack moll would be a slack girlfriend/woman companion, probably sexist saying the woman was not doing the job prop (MORE)
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What is cluster slack?

We launched Statsbot for Slack. It pulls Google Analytics,Salesforce, and Mixpanel insights for Slack members. Feedback verywelcome!
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What is resource slack?

Resource Slack is a term used by behavioral economists indicating the assumption that we'll magically have more free time in the future than we do today. So we say yes to work (MORE)

What is slack simulation?

Slack means different things, depending on context. For this question, I assume that slack is the time that somebody is waiting for somebody else to do something. Slack sim (MORE)

What is the slack season?

It's when there isn't that much to do. If you were Santa Claus,all year but Christmas would be slack season.