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Did Slade Smiley ride in the Tour de France?

No. In order to compete in the Tour de France, one has to be a member of a professional cycling team, and there is no record of a "Slade Smiley". Moreover, the only American (MORE)

Where are Slade and Jo from Real Housewives?

Slade is with Gretchen still and Joe is living in New York. She took the break up with slade very seriously and decided to move away. Slade is living off of Gretchen in the Or (MORE)

How does slade die in Bargain by AB Guthrie?

Slade dies in a cold winter day, because Mr.Baumer sets him p with  Wood Alcohol. Basically, Mr.Baumer hires Slade to pull his load for  him. The load before Christmas (that (MORE)

Why does Al tell Baumer to forget about Slade?

Al tells Mr. baumer to forget about Slade because Slade doesn't know how to read. Also, Slade doesn't care and he still won't pay his bill.
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Are Wade Wilson and Slade Wilson brothers?

No, Wade Wilson (Deadpool) is from the Marvel Universe, and Slade  Wilson (Deathstroke) is from the DC universe.    Wade Wilson (Deadpool) started as a parody of Death (MORE)

Was slade smiley state champion in high school?

Slade Smiley was the 1986 Alaska State Cycling Champion as well as a State Champion Nordic Cross Country Skier in High School. He was then invited to train with the U.S. Natio (MORE)

Is Slade actually Robin?

Slade is NOT Robin, never was, never will be. Furthermore Slade is NOT Robin's father. This can be proven in the comics which clearly state that Robin's parents were killed by (MORE)
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Is there a film of the earls court concert by slade in 1973?

Three segments of the concert are hels by a company in the US of A. It is rumoured that a full copy of the concert is held by at least one member of slade but they are scared (MORE)