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When did slapstick begin and where?

slapstick started in the middle ages maybe even before that, Shakespeare even incorporated slapstick in a midsummer nights dream slapstick in the theatre started from th ( Full Answer )
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Who is Marvels Slapstick?

He is a superhero created in the 90s. His powers are just slapstick abilities like Bugs Bunny and stuff. I think the last time he appeared was in the Initiative after the Civi ( Full Answer )
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What is a slapstick missile?

Slapstick missile is a popular crossword puzzle clue that has beenused in many newspapers including the Los Angeles Times and the NewYork Sun. The top three answers are pie, e ( Full Answer )
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What are slapstick?

slapstick is a violent form of fake comedy that started in church during intermissions in plays. Also a slapstick is a stick that slaps itself.
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Facts about slapstick?

slapstick is an element of Commedia Dell'Arte (which originated inVenice between the 16th and 17th century). It usually features 2charcters, a stupid one, and a smart one. The ( Full Answer )
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What is a slapstick humor?

Slapstick comedy I was told is those bad movies you see dumb peoplelaughing at, like herherhehr! he fell over. Examples of slapstickcomedy are dumb and dumber, dude where's my ( Full Answer )
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What is a slapstick comedian?

a slapstick comedian is a type of comedian that gets he or she's laughs from hurting other people in a funny way
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How do you make a slapstick?

MAKING A SLAPSTICK Here's a picture: or instead of plywood use hardwood strip of similar size.
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What is slapstick mime?

Miming is a silent performance and slapstick is to fake hit someonein a performance. Combine the two and you have a silent fakehitting performance
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What is a slapstick movie?

Slapstick is a type of comedy involving exaggerated violence and activities which may exceed the boundaries of common sense. Slapstick films are a type of comedy film that ( Full Answer )