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What is slate?

Slate is shale that has been subjected to heat and intense pressure deep under the surface, usually in plate collision settings. Slate is a metamorphic rock. It is created by (MORE)
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How do you get slate?

Slate is formed when clay is squashed under extreme temperature and pressure under the Earth. You can't make it at home!

What is a slate roof?

Slate which is a type of stone is used for the roof tiles instead of shingles. It splits in thin sheets and is nailed to the roof the same as regular asphalt shingles.
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What is the hardness of slate?

Slate is a rock of mixed mineral composition and does therefore does not possess a uniform Mohs hardness. Because of varying porosity along with other factors, the elastic mod (MORE)
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Where can you find slate?

If you mean in general, Slate is a regionally-metamorphosed mudstone; i.e, altered by pressure at low temperature. If also heated sufficiently it becomes Schist. In the UK, (MORE)
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What is the slate rock?

Slate is formed when shale is put under pressure. It's therefore classified as a metamorphic rock.