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What is slate?

Slate is shale that has been subjected to heat and intense pressure deep under the surface, usually in plate collision settings.   Slate is a metamorphic rock. It is creat (MORE)
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Why is slate used?

Slate can be used for blackboards, roofing and floors. When you crush it, you can use it flooring and paints.
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How does slate form?

A slate is a homogeneous metamorphic rock. Slate composed of clay,  sand or volcanic ash. It is a natural product. Being a rock slate  is very hard and that can be used anyw (MORE)
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Is slate clastic?

Yes, slate is clastic. Chalk is usually considered as a bio-clastic  sedimentary rock. The sedimentary rock is composed mainly of the  clay minerals.

Where and how slate was formed?

  Slate is a metamorphic rock. Slate is actually shale that had low heat and not very much pressure put on it. Slate is mostly formed in mountain areas. It takes thousands (MORE)
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How do you get slate?

Slate is formed when clay is squashed under extreme temperature and pressure under the Earth. You can't make it at home!
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Is slate a insulater?

Yes, slate can be an insulator. Since slate is chiefly carbon based, and many forms of carbon act as a mild insulator, slate could have this property as well. Unfortunately, s (MORE)
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What is slate used to do?

slate has been used to produce blackboards for chalk writing (think old schools), tops for pool tables (under the felt), kitchen counter tops and back splashes, shower tiles, (MORE)