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Why are there slaves?

slaves . Kings and Queens had slaves so the slaves could build things for the king and Queen and do their work around their home so they didnt have to do the jobs. Rulers i ( Full Answer )
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Who had slaves?

Most southern states had slaves to do their work for them. People bought and sold slaves like they were land or other items that you could buy at a store. The Northern states ( Full Answer )
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What are slaves?

Slaves are people who were disrespected, treated as animals, hit,tortured, and abused. They were forced to work and be a servent tothe rich. In some states though, slaves wer ( Full Answer )
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What do slaves have to do?

\nWhatever they are ordered to do.\n. \nHowever, as slavery is illegal, they don;t have to do anything.
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Are we slaves?

Answer 1: Yes. We are required to pay tax, which means that for a given percent of time our labor is not our own, but is owned by another who does with it as they please. ( Full Answer )
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How did the slaves get there?

the would be taken by boat and the condition were so bad most of them wouldn't servie
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Can you be a slave?

Well sice slavery doesn't exist anymore except in the southern states so someone ould not make you a slave
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Where to get a slave?

Furret makes a good HM slave, as it is able to learn Cut, Surf, Strength, Whirpool and Rock Smash, so you can give it any of those 4 moves to suit your needs.
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Who were the slaves and what did they do?

Most slaves were Africans. Either kidnapped, or outright bought, and brought to the US, to the west indies or pretty much wherever cheap labour was needed. There they were for ( Full Answer )
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Can I be a slave?

If you're talking about the kind of slave I'd send outside in 100 degree weather to cut my front lawn with hand scissors for only a cup of water and a piece of bread then no.. ( Full Answer )