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How were slaves treated in slave ships?

they went through 10 weeks or days with NO food, water. And they died of the hunger and the deadly heat on the ship. And they were locked in CHAINS so tight you can't turn aro (MORE)

How did slave masters treat their slaves?

Masters treated their slaves really horrible and they would do it because they THOUGHT they could. The owners would whip the slaves for no apparent reason, and if a slave was (MORE)
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Who is a slave?

A slave is someone that is made to work against their will. Slaves  were normally looked down upon and treated as lesser beings.
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Did the master of the slaves trick the slaves?

no, they simply beat them into submission. this is how Americans are such hypocrites. They forget what inhumanity they did to these people. They treated them like animals, in (MORE)
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Who were the slaves and what did they do?

Most slaves were Africans. Either kidnapped, or outright bought, and brought to the US, to the west indies or pretty much wherever cheap labour was needed. There they were for (MORE)