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Did slaves rebel on the slave ships?

Slaves didn't rebel on the slave ships. The slaves were chained and had to lay or sit in an odder. Slaves had to sit and lay like that for more then weeks. Some slaves didn't (MORE)

How were slaves washed when on slave ships?

They where not washed. They had to spend weeks on end sitting in there own waste and other peoples. In the triangular trade , on the ships they had huge tubs in which people c (MORE)

How were slaves treated in slave ships?

they went through 10 weeks or days with NO food, water. And they died of the hunger and the deadly heat on the ship. And they were locked in CHAINS so tight you can't turn aro (MORE)
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Where were the slaves shipped from?

they were shipped from africa. mostly, europeans were involved in the trade. later on, brazil got most of the slaves because of the sugar plantations . ******************** (MORE)
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How were the slaves treated on the slave ships?

By all accounts they were treated abysmally. They suffered terribly tight living quarters, a lack of food and water and no medical attention. Enormous numbers of slaves died d (MORE)

About slave ships?

it's often said that the slaves in the slave ships were treated very badly, however, it's very hard to tell if this is true as most people who tell us about the slave ships ar (MORE)

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