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Does Slayer Worship Satan?

Slayer is not a Satanist band. Tom Araya is a Catholic and still practices his religion. Kerry King is an atheist/agnostic who writes some anti-religious lyrics that Tom has n (MORE)

Is slayer a satanic group?

From an interview: Interviewer: A lot of bands that were influenced by you, like Burzum and Mayhem, have taken black metal to new extremes, burning down churches and committ (MORE)

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Are vampire slayers real?

Yes vampire slayers are real, but they are not like you see in TV shows such as Buffy and Angel. Not all go by the name as the "Vampire Slayer", some go by as a "Vampire Hunte (MORE)

Which guitar tuning does slayer use?

Kerry and Jeff use lots of different tunings , say for example the song blood lines is in C# tuning for extra brutality. Seasons in the Abyss one of my favorite slayer songs i (MORE)