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Why do you have to sleep?

you have to sleep for the mind to rest. If you don't your mind gets over whelmed and it will start shutting down. lack of sleep could cause health problems.
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What do you do if you can not get to sleep?

My friends mother works with children with special needs and i asked her if her mum had told her any tips on how to get into a deep sleep. She suggested sleeping on your back, (MORE)
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Did you get sleep?

A few things you can do is -Take a warm bath before bed. -Read a book or do something that can make you sleepy or relaxed. -Just relax and close your eyes and think abou (MORE)
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What do you do when you can sleep?

If you can sleep. If you mean can't sleep, could try drinking hot milk or horlicks. Maybe listening to some soothing music.
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What is when you sleep?

First you are drowsy, then you go into a light sleep where it is easy to wake up, I think this lasts about 10 minutes. Next you begin a proper, deeper sleep, lastly you enter (MORE)
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Do you sleep on it?

i sleep on a lot of things, my pillow, my mattress, my boyfriend...just kidding. i dont have a boyfriend! anyway, yes, sleeping helps you make better desicions. you can be mor (MORE)
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What can sleep do for me?

Sleep can restore your energy, reduce stress, reduce chance of sickness, makes you have a healthy heart, etc.

Why are you sleep?

because yur body needs to get rest from all human nature and sleeping for a cetain amount of time helps increase your tallness
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What do you do to sleep?

Turn on the T.V. set a sleep timer on T.V. for 40 minutes... Watch a little bit of T.V. and then you should be out like a light (: