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Why does sleet occur?

Sleet is where a snowflake falls into a warmer surface layer below a cloud and melts, its starts to freeze again in the subfreezig surface layer of air, the partially melted s (MORE)

What is sleet?

Precipitation consisting of generally transparent frozen raindrops that form when snowflakes fall through a warmer layer and melt, before passing through a sub-freezing layer (MORE)
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Where does sleet occur?

It occurs anywhere the temperature near the surface is near the freezing point, and precipitation is falling.

Can sleet kill you?

Not directly. It can make things slippery though, particularly roads, which makes travel treacherous and potentially deadly.

Is sleet ice?

Yes, sleet is an ice pellet. It forms when melted snow falling through the atmosphere encounters a deep layer of air below freezing. It then has a chance to completely refreez (MORE)
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Is sleet dangerous?

sleet are dangerous because if they're sharp, they can cut you skin and it's very cold. There are some ways to protect against them. 1. Wear think long sleeves and pants and (MORE)

When does it sleet?

Sleet does on the wintry precipitation, sleet starts with rainfalls in the cold layer on the ground, it refreezes into pellets and then it comes down with bouncing onevery sur (MORE)
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What are facts about sleet?

sleet is made of rain and snow. it can happen anytime not just winter. sleet is freezing rain
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Where does it sleet?

Sleet is another term for freezing rain. It sleets in any regionwhere they have a cold winter. I live in upstate New York and itsleets here.