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Is slicing bread physical change?

Yes, slicing bread is considered a physical change because the bread is still bread after it is sliced. A chemical change for bread is the ingredients mix together to make bre (MORE)

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How old is Kimbo Slice?

Kimbo Slice (Kevin Ferguson) was 42 years old when he died on June 6, 2016 (birthdate: February 8, 1974).
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How many calories are in a slice of cake?

  about 250 It depends a lot on many differences that can happen, such as flavor, cake mix, icing, layers, creams, decorations (sprinkles, nuts, ect.), and size. Small pi (MORE)

How do you slice corned beef?

Across the grain. Looking at the piece of (cooked) corned beef, you will see muscle fibers. If you pull the meat gently with a fork, you can tell which way the fibers run. You (MORE)

How do you make fried potato slices?

You slice the potato into nice thin/thick slices. (Depending on your taste) Then fry it in canola oil until it's nice and crispy!!! :-D
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How much fat in slice of pizza?

The average slice of pizza contains anywhere from 10-15 grams of fat, on average. However, it depends on the toppings, the kind of crust, and the size of the pizza.
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Is slice a noun?

The word 'slice' is a both a noun (slice, slices)  and a verb (slice, slices, slicing, sliced).    The noun 'slice' is a word for a piece cut off a larger whole, such (MORE)