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What is slicing veneers?

  slicing veneers are veneers created by slicing wood at diffrent angles to capture textures of grain. this means that a block of wood may be cut lenghtwise, so that the g (MORE)

How many slices in an average pie?

Eight slices are in the average pie. It is like a pizza except it is a desert. When I bake a ten inch pie, I am able to cut it into eight slices, which are equal if I cut them (MORE)
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How do you slice mango?

A mango is a slightly flattened ovoid, with a large pit in the center, and a skin that is a bit heavier than that of an apple. Most people prefer to peel off the skin first (a (MORE)
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What is electronization?

Essentially, It is a term used to describe the process of taking an item or process from paper-based form and electronically producing it. Mainly to reduce E-Waste and increas (MORE)

What is an electron?

An electron is a negatively charged subatomic particle thatoccupies the orbitals around atomic nuclei, allows atoms toparticipate in chemical reactions, is the charge carrier (MORE)
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Is slice a noun?

The word 'slice' is a both a noun (slice, slices)  and a verb (slice, slices, slicing, sliced).    The noun 'slice' is a word for a piece cut off a larger whole, such (MORE)
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What is a slice in gentax?

A small amount of test data a person can use in development and testing. This way we don't ruin other peoples' data.