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Slick vinyl pool?

Usually this is a cleaning problem that concrete pools do not have. The bacteria that builds up is more aparent in vinyl pools and makes them slick. There are solutions and on (MORE)

What is a slick fork saddle?

The slick fork saddle (also known as an A- fork ) isnamed for the shape of it's fork . The fork is the saddle part at the front of the saddle tree thatjoins the bars t (MORE)

What are the advantages that racing cars have slicks?

There's a great misconception about tires that says tread equals traction. While it's true on wet roads and dirt, it is not true on dry, clean pavement. Rubber gives traction, (MORE)

Does slick mean oily?

It can. Slick is a synonym for slippery and can also mean icy or wet. Oily is a specific type of slick
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What is Slick Rick best known for?

Slick Rick is the stage name which refers to Richard Walters. Another of his previous stage names was Rick the Ruler. He is best known as an English rapper who has been nomi (MORE)