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What skateboarding about?

Skateboarding means something different to just about everybody. Think about it - you could mean riding a vet ramp, technical tricks in the driveway, riding a long board acros (MORE)

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What is skateboarding?

Skateboarding is and intensive sport at which you use a wooden board, (skateboard) wheels, trucks, ball bearings, bushings, or you can use riser pads. There are two types of s (MORE)
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How to get sponsored skateboarding?

send the company you want to get sponsored by and just send them in a video of your skating, and keep in mind, they don't just look for skills, but also personality!
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What is concave on a skateboard?

the concave is how much the board curves inward toward the middle starting at each side. so if you can imagine looking straight down the skateboard holding it level to your ey (MORE)

Where can you get skateboards?

You can get skateboards at your local skateshop. One of the biggest skateboarding company is called ZUMIEZ. There, you can pick out any equipment or you can pick out gear. The (MORE)

How do you balance on the skateboard?

well it has to do with balance so if you cant balance off a skateboard than your not going to be able to on one so it kinda takes practice; like me and my friends say skateboa (MORE)

Does power sliding your hurt your skateboard?

That depends on wheel hardness and strength. The only thing that can happen if you powerslide is your wheels can wear away in one spot making part of the wheel flat. If this h (MORE)

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