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How do you make slop?

Open the fridge, and collect all the cooked things (including take home) that looks like it's going to spoil. Toss it in bowl Microwave it till it's hot. You got slop

What is slop oil?

Los desechos aceitosos son una mezcla homogénea de petróleo, agua y sólidos, los cuales forman una emulsión altamente estable, que no es fácil de romper mediant (MORE)

What is red slop?

"Red slop" is referred to in the book To Kill A Mockingbird, whenit is talking about Maycomb. In context, it means that when itrained the streets got all muddy with a reddish (MORE)
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What is a SLOP poll?

SLOP poll is based on a sample of individuals who choose to answer a poll or survey vs. a random sample of the population, which is based on the variables of a population. A (MORE)

How do you get slop in Farmville?

To get slop, you must first have a fully built Pigpen. Once you have a built Pigpen, here are the following options to acquiring slop: - Ask neighbors for pig slop by clicki (MORE)
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What is slop tank?

A tank in a tanker into which slops are pumped. These represent a residue of the ship's cargo of oil together with the water used to clean the cargo tanks. They are left to se (MORE)
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What is slopping?

As in what, slopping is normally a word you hear when someone is feeding their pigs… you know slopping the hogs. Anyway in what context are you using the word slopping?