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Where is the water sloshing around in the rear window area of your Honda Del Sol and how can you get it to drain away?

I had this problem recently - I solved it by removing the interior of the car (just the rear plasitcs & speakers) and then unbolting the rear windo assembly - this exposed the (MORE)

How do you get rid of the water that is sloshing around below the rear window of a Honda Del Sol?

  The rear window on the del Sol is in a waterproof compartment between the trunk and the interior compartment. You need to disassemble the wall between the interior compa (MORE)

Why would a car make a gurgling sound like water sloshing around when accelerating?

Check the condenser drain line. You will find that it is stopped up and water cannot drain out. Look under the car, usually on the passenger side near the firewall. Use a blu (MORE)

1989 Chevrolet silverado sloshing sound in dash?

Heater core its air bubbles in the lines when the motor starts the water pump starts circulating Check your radiator coolant level NEW ANSWER: Yes he is right. But you need (MORE)

Why is sloshing sound in car by dashboard?

It could be the fluid in the washer bottle moving around. Could also be air trapped in the cooling system passing through the heater core. Be sure the coolant reservoir is ful (MORE)