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What do you do after Slough Creek in Wolf Quest?

Sadly, once your pups survive the journey, and you get the message about what is going to happen throughout the seasons with your pack, the game is over. You can either replay (MORE)

Meaning of slough and use in a sentence?

Slough is a yellow or brown tissue over a wound bed. it is tissue that is dead and needs to be debrided. "Her heel has yellow slough on it." Slough as a noun, pronounced "s (MORE)

How do you get to the farm in wolfquest slough creek?

you go to the area in between aspen heights and Slough creek river. It's on the border but you have to be in single player to find it and when you have your pups are ready to (MORE)

What is a slough wolf on wolf quest?

a slough wolf is a pack leader on wolf quest 1 on single player or a member in the pack and on wolf quest two they have no slough wolfs they have a creek called slough creek b (MORE)