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Does the v6 passt have engine sludge?

  While a V6 Passat can sludge (as can any engine), it is not nearly as common as sludge issues on the turbocharged 1.8 liter engines. The reason for the difference is tha (MORE)

What is sewage sludge?

Sewage sludge is the solids that are left over at the end of the sewage treatment process. The products of sewage treatment are: clean water which is released to the environme (MORE)

Is sludge bomb physical in FireRed?

Yes all poison moves are physical attacks which means the more attack a Pokemon has the more it will hurt. Though if your facing a pikachu with static and you use sludge bomb (MORE)
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What is the Density of sewage sludge?

Sewage, sludgeweigh(s) 721 kilogram per (cubic meter) or 45.01 pound per (cubic foot).
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Prevent oil sludge?

OIL SLUDGE . CHANGE THE OIL! EVERY 3k miles. 3k miles is sooner than most auto mfgs. recommend.. the sooner the better. I have NEVER had a sludge issue with any car I have (MORE)

Sludge in engine?

Sludge in an engine is cause by poor maintenance. Air and  contaminants build up over time to create a thick sludge throughout  the engine.

Why does sludge forms?

Sludge is usually caused by the presence of water in the oil, and  can accumulate with use. Ways to minimise sludge production and  accumulation includes performing frequent (MORE)